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"March 15 - April 7, 1977 - Walla Walla 2nd Annual Art Show" Judy and Ian Gatley pose together next to one of his paintings that is being exhibited during the Art Show.

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"1942-43 Ackerman School, 2nd Grade, 1." This is a class photo of the 1942-43 Ackerman Elementary School 2nd Grade with their teacher. The picture was taken on the front steps of the building. Above the door, a credo reads, "Gladly would he learn,…

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"March 15 - April 7, 1977 - Walla Walla 2nd Annual Art Show - Gary Bloom"

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"Fort Lewis Inspection - 2nd Division Colonel & the General and entourage in mess hall" "Gen Eisenhower at Madigan Hospital - Star Shoulder Patch: 2nd Division" "Fort Lewis Sentinel Photo (not by Fred Hill, but in the Fred Hill collection)"

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