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AWS (Associated Women Students) Officers from left to right: Cheryl Thornton, Secretary
Three images of the 1969 Associated Women Students (AWS) Officers. .005 - From left to right: Sue Conrad, Social Chairman
Four images of two young women posing together next to a dressing room door in a women's clothing store. They are both wearing long dresses. [The woman on the right also appears in 2012.2.xx157.001]
Five images of a young man helping a young woman choose a pair of shoes at shoe sale.
Five images of two young women shopping a shoe display for open-toed, women's sandals.
Twelve images of a young woman posing in outfits that she has tried on in a women's clothing store. [The same woman appears again in 2012.2.xx171.013]
"4/3/1982 - Co-ed Track Meet at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, OR - Women's High Jump - Elaine Taylor" - two images
"October 1977 - Campus scenes"
The Women's Physical Education side and entrance of Quinn Coliseum.
"1952 - Dorm girls" Three young women gather on the steps outside the entrance to Hunt Hall. Two of them are seated, and one of them is standing. They are all wearing light colored dresses.
"1953-54 - Dorion / Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Two young women stand facing each other in front of a large mirrored vanity. The one on the left is wearing a dark dress, and she's playing with her hair. The one on the right is wearing a dark colored…
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