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"4/22/1983 - Math & Science Teachers Conference" - ten images .012-.014 - Carolina Biological Supply Company table: [Assuming from business card:] Richard Witten (left), Ken Baxter (right). [Attached business card reads: "Carolina Biological Supply…

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"Fort Lewis Inspection - 2nd Division Colonel & the General and entourage in mess hall" "Gen Eisenhower at Madigan Hospital - Star Shoulder Patch: 2nd Division" "Fort Lewis Sentinel Photo (not by Fred Hill, but in the Fred Hill collection)"

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"Ernie Pyle monument on Okinawa" Written on memorial: "At this spot the 77th Infantry Division lost a buddy Ernie Pyle 18 April 1945"

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"77th Division Monument to Ernie Pyle (Apr 18, 1945). I remember taking the picture - if it is on Okinawa. I don't remember how I got there. I don't think its on Ie Shima? Fred Hill" Written on memorial: "At this spot the 77th Infantry Division lost…

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"Street scene - east-side 7th Ave. S. between Division and Alder Sts. - Elgin, Oregon - June 16 to July 3, 1914 - From left to right: Jail [wood shack looking building], whorehouse [Large, white facade with two small windows on either side of the…

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