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"Open air fresh meat for sale" From "Darkroom Soldier": "At Dagupan Market. Back in March, while passing through Lingayen en route to Manila, Hill had photographed the bustling trade at the Dagupan market, such as the women selling and buying cuts of…
"Fresh meat salesmen - Dagupan" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fresh Cutlets. Cockfights attract large crowds. Here, a mix of Filipinos and American soldiers watch as Hill photographs two Dulag vendors hawking their load of freshly butchered carabao meat…
"Benson Meat Mkt. - Union, Oregon - Child: Roscoe Benson, Lon Simmons, Unidentified, Sam Benson, Unidentified, Charles Davis, and Nick Ficklin"
"Sam Benson Meat Mkt. - Brick Bldg. - center of block across from Post office"
"New La Grande Meat Market - circa late 1880's" A gentleman driving a horse and wagon is parked in front of the meat market, and there is a boot maker located next door.
Spectators line both sides of the main dirt road in Elgin, Oregon to watch a parade.
"Cresent Meat Co. interior - between Hub (Strouds) & Harrison building on Fir Street."
"Elgin street scene - Looking east on Old Main Street from 6th St. and Alder. 1. J.J. Donovan Livery Barn 2. Elgin Recorder (formerly W.H. Griggs Saloon) 3. Hardware Store 4. Meat Market 5. Shoe Repair 6. Frank Shevlin's Veto Saloon 7. George…
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