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"May 1990 - Raft Race" A young man arches his back and tries to make it under the pole during this Limbo competition. A well attended barbecue is going on in the background.
"Fresh meat salesmen - Dagupan" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fresh Cutlets. Cockfights attract large crowds. Here, a mix of Filipinos and American soldiers watch as Hill photographs two Dulag vendors hawking their load of freshly butchered carabao meat…
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Baker County [Sumpter, Oregon] area mines, Cracker Creek District - Tramway from North Pole Mines to Mill. Eureka and Excelcior [Excelsior] Mines and Hoist Plant - circa 1901-1903."
"Baker [County] area mines - North Pole Gold Mill - Cracker Creek, Or."
"Mrs. Harris, grandmother of Dean Smutz [Smith?] (Noted flyer, and a member of the Byrd expedition to the Pole.)"
"Big Out-crop of Quartz on the North Pole Lode - Sumpter, Oregon area - Cracker Creek District - circa 1901-1903"
"North Pole Gold Mill - circa 1901-1903"

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