Dagupan, Public Market 16


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Dagupan, Public Market 16


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"Open air fresh meat for sale" From "Darkroom Soldier": "At Dagupan Market. Back in March, while passing through Lingayen en route to Manila, Hill had photographed the bustling trade at the Dagupan market, such as the women selling and buying cuts of fresh carabao meat. Now, living at Binmaley only eight miles from Dagupan, Hill regularly visited the market and recorded the abundance there: "Rows and rows of little booths where outlying farmers come in and sell their wares. All kinds of vegetables -- Bermuda onions at two pesos a bunch of turnips at five centavos a bunch. Dried corn, rice, flour, bananas, peppers, mangoes, clothing, cloth, wooden shoes, thread, buttons, snaps, needles, and fish -- dried or alive -- crabs, shrimp, etc. Ready-to-eat meals, pastries, sugar....Dick Baxter bought a water jug -- fifty centavos. Pigs, chickens, horse and carabao shoes, horse shoe nails, and related hardware. Dick bought a knife -- bargained from fifteen pesos down to nine. I got a pair of carved shoes for Marjorie, two linen tablecloths for us. One is Chinese...." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)


Hill, Fred




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