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"Shoe store at the market near the river at Binmaley. Table of vegetables behind a vertical rack of wooden clog shoes (zapatoc), straw sandles hanging on wire in store, dried corn on cob in adjacent store"

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"Salinas Calif. 1941 - Where it all began for the 71st Group"

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"Benson Meat Mkt. - Union, Oregon - Child: Roscoe Benson, Lon Simmons, Unidentified, Sam Benson, Unidentified, Charles Davis, and Nick Ficklin"

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"Sam Benson Meat Mkt. - Brick Bldg. - center of block across from Post office"

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"New La Grande Meat Market - circa late 1880's" A gentleman driving a horse and wagon is parked in front of the meat market, and there is a boot maker located next door.

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"Meyers Market - Elgin Oregon - Later known as the Corner Mkt. 1936+/- Casey (Theadore) Keefer & Kermit Meyers"

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"Monthly Market Day & Horse Show - Elgin, Oreg. - About 1907"

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"Elgin buildings - May 1940"

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Spectators line both sides of the main dirt road in Elgin, Oregon to watch a parade.

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The Moss house on lower Cove Mkt. Road - 1899"

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