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"10/31/1985" An image of the two women's basketball teams posing together. From left to right those who have been identified are: Back row: Jeanne Morgan (1st), K. McIntyre (2nd), L. Smyth (3rd), B. Merkley (4th), T. Wallace (5th), Dixie McCadden…

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"10/31/1985" Two images of the women's basketball team posing together. From left to right those who have been identified are: Back row: T. Wallace (1st), Dixie McCadden (2nd), N. Brooks (3rd), Mindi Mouritsen (5th), R. Hedberg (6th), Coach Laurie…

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Three images of the track and cross country team, wearing their uniforms and posing in three rows. From left to right in the front row: Don Stearns (1st), Anne O'Leary (4th). Coach Gary Feasel is on the left end of the second row.

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"Football Coaches" Two images of the football coaching staff posing together near Zabel Hall. From left to right: Front row: Tim Azevedo, Offensive Line (3rd)

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"1973 - [Gary] Feasel & Men's Track"

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"1973 - [Gary] Feasel" - two images

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Two images of members of the Cross Country team posing with Coach Gary Feasel and their NAIA plaque and winner's ribbons. .002 - Lonnie Hinde (right).

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"1969-70 Track - Left to right, front row: Mark Cooper, Dan McConnell, Lloyd Clark, Bob Morris, Tim Smith, Greg Letts, Bill Davidson, Skip Roberts, John Fenley. Second row: Bobby Feasel, Terry Smith, Larry Mathews, Alan Perryman, Jerry Benintendi,…

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"Fall term - Cross Country Team - [Gary] Feasel"

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"Fall term - Cross Country Team" Three images of Coach Gary Feasel (back row, left end) posing with the cross country team.

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