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"1987-88, Fall - Athletic Schedule" - two images

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Wearing their uniforms, three cross runners stop to talk before or after their run. Western and Eastern Oregon are both represented, as well as a third school that cannot be identified from this angle.

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Three images of the track and cross country team, wearing their uniforms and posing in three rows. From left to right in the front row: Don Stearns (1st), Anne O'Leary (4th). Coach Gary Feasel is on the left end of the second row.

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Two images of members of the Cross Country team posing with Coach Gary Feasel and their NAIA plaque and winner's ribbons. .002 - Lonnie Hinde (right).

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"Fall term - Cross Country Team - [Gary] Feasel"

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"Fall term - Cross Country Team" - eight images

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"Fall term - Cross Country Team" Three images of Coach Gary Feasel (back row, left end) posing with the cross country team.

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"Cross Country" EOC cross country runners, Doug Douthit and Kirk Wade prepare to take off for a run. They are wearing their uniforms.

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"Cross Country" EOC cross country coach, Gary Feasel goes over some pointers with runner, Tim Smith.

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"Cross Country - From left to right: Gary Purpura, Greg Letts, Tim Smith, Doug Douthit, Kirk Wade, Lowell Stacey, and Lonnie Hinde" - three images

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