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"10/31/1985" An image of the two women's basketball teams posing together. From left to right those who have been identified are: Back row: Jeanne Morgan (1st), K. McIntyre (2nd), L. Smyth (3rd), B. Merkley (4th), T. Wallace (5th), Dixie McCadden…

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Two images of EOSC football players, assistant coaches, and trainers on the sidelines cheering teammates.

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"1971-72 Girls Basketball" Five images of the women's basketball team posing together with the unidentified assistant coach and the back, left end and Coach Jean Neely at the back, right end.

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"1988 - Baseball" An unidentified assistant baseball coach.

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"Football Coaches" Two images of the football coaching staff posing together near Zabel Hall. From left to right: Front row: Tim Azevedo, Offensive Line (3rd)

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The EOC wrestling team, from left to right: Back row: Coach Erling Odegaard, Mike McCoy, John Bilyeu, Gregory Nelson, Brick Woodward, Leonard Phelan, Assistant Coach Charles Holliday, Gerald Ewing. Front row: David Robinson, John Kruesi, Larry…

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"Wrestling - L to R: Row 1: Jerry Gill, John Kreusi, Ken Gettari [Gratteri?], Dan Ellsworth, Norm Berney. Row 2: Coach Erling Odegaard, Assistant Bill Quant, Guy Glahm, Brick Woodward, Craig Woodward, Leonard Phelan, Robert Richter, John Bilyeu,…

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"4/1991 - Basketball" An image of assistant basketball coach, Kevin Parks (left), posing with one of the players.

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"4/1991 - Basketball" An image of one of the assistant basketball coaches, Kevin Parks.

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"1991 - Football coaches" Two images of Brian Keller, assistant coach.

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