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"Spring 1967 - Evensong"

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"Spring 1967 - Evensong" From left to right: Senior Class President Jim Mehas, Student Body President Dick Johnson, Queen Susan (Sue) Strong, Princesses Shirley Nelson and Sharyn Glascock.

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"Spring 1967 - Evensong Queen Susan (Sue) Strong" - two images

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"Spring 1967 - Evensong Queen Susan (Sue) Strong" - two images [A similar photo appears in the 1967 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 93.]

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"Spring 1967 - Evensong Court" - three images .001 - From left to right: Jeannette (Jan) Irvine, Sharyn Glascock, Diana Traudt. .006 - From left to right: Anita Nelson, Shirley Nelson, Betty Cobb, Queen Sue Strong, Jeannette (Jan) Irvine, Sharyn…

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An unidentified young woman pins a corsage on Evensong Queen Jean Harmon while several other ladies of her court watch. From left to right, they are: Annette Louise Stubbs (1st), Mary Lynn Berryman (4th), Catherine Bennett Brogoitti (5th).

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"Evensong Court, left to right: Sue Bonn, Barb Zickler, Linda Zornes, Sarah Tomeraasen, Queen Karen Ceniga, Katherine Kovach."

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"Evensong" - six images .013 - "The choir is in place

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"June 5, 1970 - Evensong - On June 5th, the traditional Evenson Ceremony unfolded on the Administration Building's grand stairway. The seniors lit their candles as a symbol of the knowledge they take with them and the undergraduates retired up the…

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"June 5, 1970 - Evensong - Undergraduates take part in the Evensong Ceremony." - two images .011 - [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 119.]

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