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"5/1986 - Cindi Bergstrom" [1984 ASEOSC President]

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"Spring 1967 - Evensong" From left to right: Senior Class President Jim Mehas, Student Body President Dick Johnson, Queen Susan (Sue) Strong, Princesses Shirley Nelson and Sharyn Glascock.

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"February 1983 - Dr. Janet Travis, Presidential Search" Two images: One of Dr. Travis speaking informally with students and alumni in the main lounge of Hoke Hall, and one of just her audience members. .007 - Ed Smith (left, looking back at camera).…

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"February 1983 - Dr. Dave Gilbert, Presidential Search" Ten images of Dave Gilbert speaking informally with an audience in the main lounge of Hoke Hall. xx265 .014 - Audence members: Ed Smith (left ), [appears to be:] Fred Pelroy (next to Smith,…

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"Mrs. Lister & Hoke Center" [Mrs. Lister performed an honorary ground breaking for the Hoke College Center after construction had already began. She was honored for her large showing of support for the needed building.] - nine images .024 - Mrs.…

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"June 5, 1970 - Evensong" - two images xx044 .009 - "Student Body President, Terry Cathey leads The Evensong Court." [Photo appears in the 1970 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 118.] xx207 .015 - Senior class president, Clinton Shultz escorts Evensong Queen…

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Three images of EOC student, Terry Cathey. He served as student body president during his time at EOC.

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"5/1986 - Cindi Bergstrom" [1984 ASEOSC President]

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"10/26/1982" Six images of a guest speaker appearing at a student goverment forum. .010-.011 - Student Body President Ed Smith (standing, left).

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"May 1982 - Student Government Forum (Student Body President Ed Smith is wearing a coat and tie)" EOSC President Rodney Briggs is seated 2nd in from the right.

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