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"December 1979"
Annette Smith working in the Co-op Education office.
"Open Meeting Teachers Commission - Teachers Ed. Council" - three images
"1972 - Registration Day, Winter" - thirty-five images "Dr. Kerley" [Dr. Kerley is named on the envelope the negative strips were saved in, but he does not appear in any of the images. It is possible he was named because he took the pictures.]…
"April 12, 1982 - Inland Empire Tri State Photography Competition (High School) - Carol Payne, Rural Ed Review [It is not stated as to whether Carol Payne was the photographer, or whether she appeared in the pictures.]" - sixteen images
"December 1979"
An employee working in the Co-op Education office.
"March 1979 - Co-op Ed Conference"
Participants at this conference who have been identified are: Howard Anderson, Harvey Bennett, Ted Brown, Terry Edvalson, Dave Gilbert, Jack Schut, Doyle Slater, Doug Treadway, and Jerry Young.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Ignacio Stevens"
Cooperative Education student, Ignacio Stevens works at a desk in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Mike Bennett"
Cooperative Education student, Mike Bennett works at a desk in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Laura Croghan"
Cooperative Education student, Laura Croghan uses a type of large press to make art pictures.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Cooperative Education students have the opportunity to work in aspects of graphic design.
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