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"1972 - Registration Day, Winter" - thirty-five images "Dr. Kerley" [Dr. Kerley is named on the envelope the negative strips were saved in, but he does not appear in any of the images. It is possible he was named because he took the pictures.]…
Five images of students meeting together in a small lounge area for Native Americans on campus, called the Indian Drop-in Center.
"March 30, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A faculty advisor meets with a Native American student in the Indian Drop-in Center.
"3/1976 - Campus scenes"
Native American students meet together in the lounge of the campus Indian Drop-in Center.
"October 1975 - William McLean, Director of Indian Education Institute (1968-78)" Wearing a light colored plaid sports jacket, a white dress shirt, dark striped necktie, and eyeglasses, William McLean stands at a podium at the front of a classroom.…
"March 30, 1976 - W. Gayle Rodgers - I.E.I. (Indian Education Institute) Instructor (1975-76)"
"March 30, 1976 - Indian Education" Four young women work at a table together, probably in the Indian Drop-in Center. On the wall in the background next to a chalkboard, are numerous Native American pictures.
"Lee Tuttle addresses the audience at the dedication of the site of the old Indian Fort - at S.W. edge of Elgin, Oregon"
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