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"November 1980" Two images of an unidentified young woman studying a textbook / workbook that is titled: "Politics For Human Beings."
"1983" Wearing a dress shirt and bowtie, a young man looks out from the open doorway of the "Military Science" classroom.
"1972 - Registration Day, Winter" - thirty-five images "Dr. Kerley" [Dr. Kerley is named on the envelope the negative strips were saved in, but he does not appear in any of the images. It is possible he was named because he took the pictures.]…
Three images of students working in a typing / business class.
Seventeen images taken in a political science classroom of an enactment / experiment with communism and socialism as the theme.
"8/1990 - Science Camp" - ten images
"7/1987 - Science Camp" - five images
"7/1987 - Science Camp" - fourteen images .006 - Tom Herrmann (left). .009 - Tom Herrmann (foreground left, in profile). .013 - Tom Herrmann (left end). .017-.019 - Tom Herrmann (right side, in profile).
"7/1987 - Science Camp" - three images
"7/1986 - Science Camp" - nine images .001-.003 - Dick Hermens (in profile). .005-.006 - Dick Hermens (in profile).
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