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"9/5/1985 - Datsun 210 with bashed 1/4 panel and broken tail light - Negs of Merlie's boo-boo at Physical Plant taken for Purchasing" - seven images
"1972 - Registration Day, Winter" - thirty-five images "Dr. Kerley" [Dr. Kerley is named on the envelope the negative strips were saved in, but he does not appear in any of the images. It is possible he was named because he took the pictures.]…
"December 1977 - Health Center"
A student receives a physical exam in the Health Center.
"Physical Plant Staff, 1954-55" The nine men and two women that make up the physical plant staff pose together in their work clothes. [A very similar photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 14.]
"Shop, Physical Plant Staff, L to R: Vern Fager (Building Repair and Maintenance), Howard Fager (Carpenter), Earl Patberg (Grounds), Fred Fager (Carpenter)" The four men are building what appears to be a desk.
"1952-53 - Vernon Long, Instructor in Physical Science" This is a portrait of Vernon Long wearing a dark colored suit blazer, light colored dress shirt, dark necktie, and eyeglasses.
"Physical Plant Staff" Two women and three men pose together in a line in their work clothes.
"1953-54 Physical Science Lab" A large group of young men and women work on and observe the experiments on a table in the Physical Science Lab.
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