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"Open Meeting Teachers Commission - Teachers Ed. Council" - three images
Two images of some of the Dorion East Council members socializing with their dorm mother, Mrs. Chandler. .004 & .006 From left to right: Mrs. Chandler (2nd), [appears to be:] Lorraine Kadosaki (3rd), [appears to be:] Margie Shumway (4th).
"5/13/1991 - ONRC [Oregon Natural Resources Council] Meeting: Andy Kerr [seated, on stage] Public lands with timber industry" - four images
"March 16, 1977 - Board of Directors E. Oregon Regional Arts Council - Mary Bates"
"1954-55 Hunt Hall Council - Back row: Dwain Estes, Jeff Ford (secretary-treasurer), Harry Hartley (president), Bill McCadden. Front row: Gary McClain, Dean Read, Dick Hesselgesser (vice president). [This photo appears in the 1955 Mountaineer…
"Dorion counselors', Pat Blackburn, Sue Switzer, Loretta Herbison and Gail Fisher meet with Mrs. Chandler, Dorion housemother." [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 36.]
"Student Council: First row - Verdell Ragsdale, Naideen Huffman, Jack Hodgen, John Densley. Second row - Robert Dexter, Lynn Anderson, Miss Mildred Pierce, Mr. John Miller, J.B. Conoway"
"1946 - College Christian Council, 1" Professor Lyle Johnson appears to be the faculty advisor for this group. He is third in from the left in the back. Iris Severens is fourth in from the right. Norma Newston is third in from the right.
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