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"Kate Houx, Director of Training School - 'May all the fine possibilities of which teaching is possessed be yours -- the lasting friendships, the opportunities to awaken and inspire, joy in the successes of those you teach and of those with whom…
"6/1987 - 50th Reunion, Classes of 1936-38" Attendees of the 50th Class Reunion are welcomed by Director of College Relations, Jack Schut, who is on the left.
"April 17, 1982 - Open House - Mike Daugherty, Residence Life Director"
"1991, Fall - Micronesian Program: Director Gary Hobson (middle), Murphy Tenny (left), Switer Eter (right)"
"February 26, 1980 - Opening of new Student Activities - Student Activities Director Vince Zarkovich [or Zarchovich] (standing, left) - Housing Director Dave Baldwin (standing, right)"
"December 1979 - Vince Zarkovich [or Zarchovich], Student Activities Director"
"1953 - Evensong Ball: (L to R): EOC President Frank B. Bennett, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Maaske and Roben J. Maaske, the OCE [Oregon College of Education] Proxy and Director of Elementary Education and former president of EOCE"
"June 12, 1992 - Commencement: Chris Halsey, past student body president, past member OSSHE Board (at podium). Background from left to right: Treina Smith (2nd), Marcia Shoup (4th), Jerry Young (5th), Jens Robinson (6th).
"May 1990 - Raft Race" A member of the Blues Brothers raft race team who appears to be Dick Stenard (center of image, wearing sunglasses and fedora), gets ready for the race.
"May 1990 - Raft Race" The Blues Brothers Raft Race Team is ready to go!" Two of the members appear to be Jim Hottois (left), and Dick Stenard (middle).
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