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"1/1986" An image of two students sitting and facing each other on the top railing of the Grand Staircase behind Inlow Hall. [Tina (left), Jeff (right)?]
"May 19, 1977 - EOSC from helicopter"
All of the campus buildings are pictured here with part of La Grande, Oregon in the background. From left to right, starting at the bottom edge, the buildings are: Dorion Hall, Quinn Coliseum, and the Stadium.…
"EOU [EONS] - Grand Stairway nearly completed"
"N.7. EOU [EONS] - Grand Stairway under construction 1927/28"
"EOU [EONS] - Grand Stair way under construction 1927/28"
"Kate Houx, Director of Training School - 'May all the fine possibilities of which teaching is possessed be yours -- the lasting friendships, the opportunities to awaken and inspire, joy in the successes of those you teach and of those with whom…
"N8." EONS Grand Staircase under construction - 1927/28
EONS Grand Staircase under construction - 1927/28
"Campus - College buildings - 1938-40" "Madeline Spaeth - Adelaide Zweifel"
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