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"S-2 man pointing at the Parade Ground area of a model of Corregidor Island - Nat'l Archives from Micro film - Source: C.J. Dugas"

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"American Flag - attached to highest pole left on Corregidor by Feb 24 1945 - first time in 2 1/2 years. Pfc Clyde Bates of Evanston, Wisconsin and T5 Frank Arrige of East Chicago. Men were under sniper fire at the time. Signal Corps photo - Source -…

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"Clouds over most buildings. 2 Naval vessels in distance. 17th Recon original but from Nat'l Archives Microfilm - from Don Abbot. Not sharp"

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"Some parachutes still in the air. 17th Recon Photo - but from the Nat'l Archive Microfilm via Don Abbot. Not sharp. Annotation by Fred Hill"

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"Looking east toward tail. Pier extends to North. 17th Recon Sqdn original, but this is from Nat'l Archives via Don Abbot - Not sharp"

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"Some topside buildings - from Nat'l Archives Microfilm - Print loaned by Don Abbott - and they charged him $10 for the print - Original was by 17th Recon Sqdn - Very fuzzy"

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"Barracks end of Parade ground - Shows men walking - a 17th Recon Sqdn original - but from Nat'l Archives Microfilm - Source: Caffrey J. Dugas - disappointly fuzzy"

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"Drop zone with abandoned 'chutes from Nat'l Archives via Micro film - 17th Recon Sqdn original - Source: C. Dugas - Very fuzzy"

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