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"January 1976 - voting reminder - signs along sidewalks"
Full sequence of signs read:
"Roses are red, violets are blue
I know this phrase is old
Student elections are something new
So don't be left out in the cold!"
Visible in the background…
"November 30, 1976
[From left to right:] Student, Joan Burns, Jim Lundy, Richard [Dick] Hiatt"
Together, they watch from the ground as the sign on Inlow Hall is returned to "Eastern Oregon State College" from "Eastern Ozone State College." In the…
"February 2, 1976 - Don Schnitzler's Kinematics class (roof of science bldg.)"
Professor Don Schnitzler (2nd in from the right) conducts a kinematics experiment with his class on the roof of the science building, Badgley Hall.
"April 1st & 2nd, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A student relaxes at one of the picnic tables on the outdoor patio of Hoke Hall. Ackerman Hall (left) and Hunt Hall (middle of image) are visible in the background.
"October 1977 - Campus scenes"
Out in front of Inlow Hall, which is not visible in the image, the campus is decked out in beautiful, autumn foliage.
"October 15, 1977 - Campus scenes"
A campus tree covered in its autumn foliage. In the background, ivy grows up the exterior walls of Ackerman Elementary School.
"May 19, 1977 - EOSC from helicopter"
All of the campus buildings are pictured here with part of La Grande, Oregon in the background. From left to right, starting at the bottom edge, the buildings are: Dorion Hall, Quinn Coliseum, and the Stadium.…
"June 10, 1977 - Scenes of EOSC"
Situated in a square, three of the campus buildings are visible here: Zabel Hall (bottom), Hoke Hall (right side), and Dorion Hall (top). The left side of the square, Quinn Coliseum, is only partially visible.
"June 4, 1977 - KEOL crew with new antenna"
In the background, Badgley Hall is visible on the left, and further back, Mt. Emily oversees part of La Grande, Oregon.
"EOCE Campus total by 1940 - Taken by Fred Hill with a 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Speed Graphic while on a Piper Cub flight by Oscar Knight"
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