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"4/21/1983 - Mine Safety, Body Sling to Immobilize Neck - In sling: Art Clum, EWU. Wearing eyeglasses: Jay Hart, Belvue [Bellevue?] MSHA [Mine Safety & Health Administration]. EOSC: Dan Geary." - six images
"41st Division - Wash up time at a faucet - National Guard maneuvers Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation California - June 1941"
"Fred Hill washing his underwear - Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Laundry at the Spring. Sgt Fred Hill scrubs a pair of shorts at a freshwater spring about halfway down the trail to the tide flats. Given the absence of civilian service workers,…
"Filipino lady - her laundry balanced on her head, with two children, walking out of the stream. A rolled floor mat still in the water. Dulag area, near Leyte P.I." From "Darkroom Soldier": "Local Laundry Services. Balancing a skein of hemp fiber on…
"Group of people - bathing and laundry"
"Young girl washing clothes"
"Filipino lady doing laundry by the river - using a scrub brush rather than a paddle"
"Filipino ladies washing clothes in shallow river on Mindoro Philippine Islands"
"Filipino clothes washing in river - Paddles were often used to beat the clothing either against a plank or a big flat rock"
"GI laundry, drying on rocks beside the river - washed by Filipino ladies. Trucks being washed in the distance"
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