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"41st Division - Wash up time at a faucet - National Guard maneuvers Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation California - June 1941"

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"Young boy taking a bath using a bucket and a dipper."

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"Manila street bathing and laundry at a water faucet" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Liberated Hydrant. Filipinos bathe, wash, and clean at a Manila hydrant. After the March 3 liberation of Manila by Allied forces, water systems had not been restored to…

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"Girls at river - bathing"

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"Group of people - bathing and laundry"

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"Bathers, caught off guard - in river on Mindoro - Filipino girls"

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"Biak - men bathing in brackish stream at low tide"

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"Two women, washing clothes with a paddle on a bench in the stream - small child also bathing"

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Soldiers swim in an inlet near camp, perhaps also doing laundry and bathing.

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