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"Filipino lady doing laundry by the river - using a scrub brush rather than a paddle"
"Filipino ladies washing clothes in shallow river on Mindoro Philippine Islands"
"Filipino clothes washing in river - Paddles were often used to beat the clothing either against a plank or a big flat rock"
"GI laundry, drying on rocks beside the river - washed by Filipino ladies. Trucks being washed in the distance"
"Filipino women (for most part) doing soldiers laundry in river" From "Darkroom Soldier": " Busuanga River: Upstream Bath, Downstream Laundry. Hill reported these scenes to Martha: 'En route home, we stopped at the deep part of the river for a swim.…
"Bob Casey between two local New Guinea men 'Mata' and 'Moto' who worked for mosquito abatement to spray kerosine on standing water puddles"
"Two local citizens in GI clothes who worked for US Gov't in Mosquito Abatement - spraying kerosene on standing water puddles"
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