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"Laundry and clothes drying on river rock"
"Filipino lady doing laundry by the river - using a scrub brush rather than a paddle"
"Filipino ladies washing clothes in shallow river on Mindoro Philippine Islands"
"Filipino clothes washing in river - Paddles were often used to beat the clothing either against a plank or a big flat rock"
"GI laundry, drying on rocks beside the river - washed by Filipino ladies. Trucks being washed in the distance"
"Filipino women (for most part) doing soldiers laundry in river" From "Darkroom Soldier": " Busuanga River: Upstream Bath, Downstream Laundry. Hill reported these scenes to Martha: 'En route home, we stopped at the deep part of the river for a swim.…
"Van Reimer - Chief film processor of 17th Tactical Recon Sqdn Photo Section"
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