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"Hoke and Classroom Building give EOSC a new look" A corner of Hoke Hall and the newly constructed Zabel Hall. Landscaping is minimal at this point as all of the trees are saplings. Some students and cars are visible in the parking lot, including a…
This is funny! Someone has parked a Volkswagon Bug in one of the hallways of Inlow Hall.
This is funny! A woman faculty member has her hand on her hip, but she looks like she is losing the battle between laughing and being mad as she is blocked from walking down the hallway in Inlow Hall by a Volkswagon Bug.
"April 1977 - Women's Staff Softball Practice - Joy McAndie"
In the background, Dorion Hall is visible.
"June 1980" An image of a young woman posing outside of the Carey & Joseph Law Office. "Carey & Joseph, A Professional Corporation, 901 Washington."
"Youth Energy Awareness Day" Five images of high school students being shown an electric car, courtesy of Inland Auto Electric, on Energy Awareness Day.
"9/1983" A series of images of runners in a campus-based Fun Run.
"Construction" Three images of the new Hoke Hall as it is nearing completion.
Two images of Badgley Hall (originally referred to as simply the "Science Hall"). There are quite a few Volkswagon bugs in the parking lot.
Three images of students outdoors on a chilly day.
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