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"November 30, 1976
Changing of 'Ozone' State back to 'Oregon' State - Mountain climbing students from Outdoor Program - Richard Candelaria [left], Ken Cronk [right]."
"November 30, 1976 - James [Jim] Lundy"
Jim Lundy in his office, showing off the letters "R" and "G" that were taken down when the Inlow Hall sign was temporarily changed to read "Eastern Ozone State College."
"November 30, 1976
[From left to right:] Student, Joan Burns, Jim Lundy, Richard [Dick] Hiatt"
Together, they watch from the ground as the sign on Inlow Hall is returned to "Eastern Oregon State College" from "Eastern Ozone State College." In theā€¦
"2/17/1982 - Women's Basketball: EOSC vs. Lewis & Clark, Lost 80-69" - eighteen images [The players who have been identified are: #12 - Kim Patterson, and #14 - Susan Howard.]
"9/1983" A series of action images taken during a women's volleyball game between EOSC and Lewis & Clark.
"11/1984" Twelve images taken during a basketball game between EOSC and the Lewis & Clark State College Warriors.
"1/1985" Nine images taken during a women's basketball game between EOSC and Lewis & Clark State College.
"October 1989" Two action images taken during the Homecoming football game against Lewis & Clark State College.
"1/2/1991 - Women's basketball vs. Lewis & Clark" Three images of Sharon Campbell, the women's basketball head coach, following the action and hollering instructions to her players from the sidelines.
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