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"Misc. Activities" Students fish from the shore of a lake.

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"Misc. Activities" Students sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows.

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"September 1990" Two images of people rappelling from the roof and down the wall of Dorion Hall.

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"1989" Five images taken at a launching area for rafting on the Grande Ronde River.

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"2/3/1981" Four images of a young man, wearing clothes for cold weather and sturdy hiking boots, standing out in the snow in an area of the Blue Mountains in Oregon.

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"August 1980" Two images of a young woman, wearing sturdy hiking boots while out on some large boulders at the edge of a lake.

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"October 1980" Thirty-eight images of various booths with games, food, and selling wares, at the 1980 October Festival. 80093 .015 - Booth run by Union County Young Republicans. .017 - Booth run by Intercultural Relations. 80094 .002 - Betty Peckā€¦

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"October 15, 1980" Eleven images of members of the Outdoor Program spending a day rock climbing, belaying, taking pictures, and just relaxing outdoors with a guitar. .015 - Mike Daugherty, Program Advisor (left).

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"October 15, 1980 - Mike Daugherty, Outdoor Program Advisor" Five images of Outdoor Program Advisor, Mike Daugherty, wearing a helmet and harness while making his way up the face of a cliff.

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"October 13, 1978 - October Festival"
Professor Ralph Lewis works in the Outdoor Program's food booth at the festival.

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