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"Coastal scene near Vigan"

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"Capitol Building - Vigan Ilocos Sur - Contrast the modern building and the ox cart transportation"

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"An ox cart on the street of Vigan, the capitol city of Ilocos Sur north of Binmaley"

Position: 209 (12 views)
"Scene of small bay through tropical foliage ona trip from Binmaley to Vigan - Luzon"

Position: 209 (12 views)
"A small boy behind a Filipino en-route to Vigan from Binmaley on Highway 3 - Luzon"

Position: 209 (12 views)
"Some ancient Spanish look-out tower facing Lingayen Gulf - seen from the road between Binmaley and Vigan - Luzon"

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"Japanese characters on Rail Road Crossing sign Luzon, toward Vigan"

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"Route # 3 highway between Binmaley and Vigan Luzon"

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"Route # 3 on the way to Vigan from Binmaley"

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"Route marker No. 3 = 4399 Ilocos Sur on the way to Vigan"

Position: 549 (7 views)

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