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"Cheerleader 4/7/54" A young male cheerleader poses on one knee with his arms outstretched. He is wearing a dark colored, V-neck, sweatshirt with a large "O" and a megaphone on the front over a white T-shirt. He is also wearing light colored pants…

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"Earl Powers rubbing mud from his shoes at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hollandia Mud. In April, 1942, Japanese forces landed at Hollandia on the New Guinea coast unopposed, but on April 22, 1944, 'surprise landings by U.S. troops were made…

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"Guest's shoes left outside a home - Binamaley Luzon" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Everyday Bakia. Dropped by visitors outside Rapino's nearby home, Hill saw these common wooden shoes and thought their random abandonment provided an example of social…

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"Wooden shoes booth at Binmaley Luzon"

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"Shoe store at the market near the river at Binmaley. Table of vegetables behind a vertical rack of wooden clog shoes (zapatoc), straw sandles hanging on wire in store, dried corn on cob in adjacent store"

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"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925 - Shoemaker's General Store - Shoes and Furnishings"

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"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925" Storefronts in Elgin, Oregon, including the "Shoemakers General Store."

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"Mud on shoes"

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"Note man's shoes - Prudence Kane Carter - Carni Holbrook Hug - 1914+/-"

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