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"10/1983 - Octoberfest" Three images taken in the area of booths and vendors at the October Folk Festival
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" - eleven images 82092 .003 - Various booths. Hunt Hall (background, partial). .018 - Alumni booth. Hunt Hall (background, partial). .019 - Various booths. Hunt Hall (background). 82093 .008 - Various booths. Hokeā€¦
"Wooden shoes booth at Binmaley Luzon"
"Permanant sales buildings in the Market area of Binmaley - near the river. Shoes - hats - fresh fruits - etc. (Catering to Filipino customers)"
"Semi-permanant Market shelters at Binmaley - A fresh fruit sales (bananas) being made"
"Fabric seller at the weekly open market in Dagupan - Luzon"
"Fish vendor making a sale at the open market place in Binmaley"
"Food vendors at the weekly town square market at Dagupan - Luzon"
"Market day - customers and sellers - Dagupan public market Luzon P.I."
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