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"April 1972 - Downtown La Grande" - twelve images .001 - Sandy's & McGlasson's. .002 - US Bank. .003 - J. C. Penney Co. & The Granada Theater. ("Sometimes a Great Notion" playing with actors, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.) .004 - Ann Johnson's Quality…

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"Dec 1942 - Martha's visit to Salinas Air Base - Pass to Carmel & Pacific Grove Holman's Dept Store at Pacific Grove - Mrs Hanford Reed's sister worked at Holman's"

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"Dec 1942 - Martha's visit to Salinas Air Base - Pass to Carmel & Pacific Grove Scenes in Carmel"

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"Major business area North of Pasig river" Locations noted on glassine sleeve: "Dept. stores - Rialto Studio" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Off-Limits Manila. Although Hill was not allowed back in the city, he saved this and other aerial photos of…

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"Looking down Pasig River to Bay from Post Office - Repaired Jones Bridge" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Post Office Bldg 2. Repaired Jones Bridge (Bonzai Bridge) 3. Department stores" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Pasig River and…

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"Ox drawn cart on main street of Dagupan - Square 5 gal Soconoy gasoline can hung on front. 'Valentia Fashions' store across the street, and a moving U.S. Jeep"

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"Shoe store at the market near the river at Binmaley. Table of vegetables behind a vertical rack of wooden clog shoes (zapatoc), straw sandles hanging on wire in store, dried corn on cob in adjacent store"

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"Semi-permanant stores and restaurant - Binmaley Luzon. Thatch, open side shelters"

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"Street scenes Re: home front protection"

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"Salinas Calif. 1941 - Where it all began for the 71st Group"

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