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"Presbyterian Church in Elgin from 1900 - InfraRed original by Fred Hill 1938"

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"La Grande Churches - Presbyterian"

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"Presbyterian Church Choir 1890 - Church was across the street from Brick Hotel"

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"'Indian Presbyterian Church' Umatilla Reservation - Christmas 1903"

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"La Grande, Oregon churches - about 1910. Shows: First Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church, M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church, and the Mormon Church. Photos copied from a newspaper." [Negative of Baptist Church photo located at 2010.2.2354.]

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"Presbyterian Mission in Umatilla - Christmas 1900"

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"This picture is of (left to right) Art Weigle, Frank Bay, Nate Zweifel and Claude Mackey. The man in the background was a Presbyterian minister. The rabbits were for a feast to be held in the Foley Hotel. At the feast they boiled the rabbits until…

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