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"Dec 1942 - Martha's visit to Salinas Air Base"

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Damaged church building in Manila.

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"Church bell tower at San Carlos, Luzon"

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"Interesting view of a church Bell tower with smaller attached building through trees. Rooster weather vane and TV antenna on top. Central Luzon"

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"A Catholic Church - bell tower has been destroyed - some roof damage - Somewhere in central Luzon - San Carlos area"

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"A Catholic Church exterior near San Carlos - Luzon"

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"Church bell tower in Lingayen Gulf area - inland from Binmaley (San Fernando?) Red filter made black sky"

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"Bell tower and front facade of a Catholic Church in the San Carlos area, central Luzon / Lingayen Gulf"

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"Bell tower & par of front facade of a church near Binmaley - Strings of Christmas lights on tower etc"

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"Cathedral bell tower as seen through hole in the roof at Binmaley Luzon. Choir loft railing inside foreground"

Position: 465 (12 views)

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