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"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Twenty images of Native Americans, dressed in full regalia, and participating in the 1983 Powwow in Quinn Coliseum. xx333 .017 - Jess Jones, Umatilla Tribe (2nd in from left end, holding spear).

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"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Five images featuring Jess Jones from the Umatilla Tribe, dressed in full regalia and carrying a spear, and other Native Americans taken at the 1983 Powwow.

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"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow - Jess Jones, Umatilla Tribe" Dressed in their finest Native American regalia, young men parade and perform during the 1983 powwow in Quinn Coliseum.

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"Yellowhawk Clinic, X-Ray Room - Dr. Johnson demonstrates the use of x-ray equipment to EOSC students during a visit to the Yellowhawk Clinic on the Umatilla Reservation. [From left to right:] Dr. William (Bill) Johnson, Michael Ray Joe, Norbert…

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"'Umatilla Indian School, interior - Classes in domestic science [Sewing] - 1906"

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"Wreckage of Cast Iron Mary, the temperance statue / drinking fountain located at Fourth and Depot Streets near the Methodist Church in La Grande, Oregon. It was erected in 1904 and demolished April 29, 1922 by a notorious bootlegger in a high-speed…

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"Tollgate, Oregon - circa 1900-1910 - A wagon is passing through the toll gate for which the area was named." Sign above the gate reads: "Woodward Wagon Road Co. Toll Rates: (unreadable)" [See: Union County Historical Society, 1961 Annual (page 2)…

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"'Umatilla Indian School, interior - 1906"

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"Presbyterian Mission in Umatilla - Christmas 1900"

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