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"A.J. Goodbroad's Hothouse - Union"
"1989" Two young men sit together on one of the brick enclosed planting beds.
"4/1987 - Admission Recruiters: Holly Kerfoot [light colored dress], Saichi Oba [light colored shirt, dark pants]"
"3/1985 - Ackerman" This is a picture of the front of Ackerman School taken from far enough back that the brickwork in the sidewalk is visible.
"10/1985 - Conrade Head" Professor Conrade Head conducts a science class outdoors. The students around him are taking notes and gathering various kinds of leaves and plants.
"1989" Three young men pose together next to one of the brick enclosed, planting beds.
Enjoying the sunshine, two young women sit outdoors on one of the cement benches that run along the brick enclosed planting beds.
Two women tour campus together. The one on the left is carrying a large bag on her shoulder which reads, "My name is not Mom." The woman on the right is wearing a peach colored dress and white heels. In the background, three young men sit on one of…
A group of young men have gathered at an outdoor stone picnic table to talk and study. In the background, Loso Hall is under construction.
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