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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" Three images of people dressed in Germanic costumes while appearing on the small stage inside the Bavarian tent during the October Festival.
"1976 Octoberfest"
People eat, drink, visit, and enjoy themselves in the main pavilion, Bavarian tent at the October festival.
"September 1980" A series of images of various participants and audience members for a music festival and fiddler's contest.
"December 1980" A series of images of students wearing Renaissance costumes and attending a Renaissance Dinner Program.
"Youth Energy Awareness Day"
"1981 - Beaux Arts Ball" Thirty-nine images of participants and attendees, most wearing costumes, at the Beaux Arts Ball.
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival"

Dave Gilbert (on stage, drinking from a stein), Yvonne Tagge (right side of image, wearing ballcap).
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" An image of artwork being displayed, presumably for sale, on easels out on the grass near Hoke Hall.
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" An image of a student, who appears to be Student Body President Ed Smith, working in a booth decorated with streamers. He is talking with a number of people at his booth.
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