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"4/16/1982 - Earely Musick Pleyers, University of Oregon - Festival of Fine Arts, April 11-18, 1982" - twelve images
"April 22, 1981 - District 6 Music Festival" Three images of students, wearing formal attire, sitting patiently in the stands with their instruments, waiting for their turn to perform.
"April 22, 1981 - District 6 Music Festival" Two images of students filling out paperwork to register their participation in the Music Festival.
"April 22, 1981 - Distirict 6 Music Festival" Four images of children from the West Park Elementary School in Hermiston, Oregon participating in the music festival. Their mascot is "Wildcats."
"April 22, 1981 - District 6 Music Festival" - thirteen images
"September 1980" Five images of a gentleman working a booth at the music festival where people can get their instrument bows rehaired. The signs set up at his little workstation, read: "Fine Bow Rehairing - Expertly done while u wait!" and "Chin rest…
"September 1980" Seventeen images of various participants and audience members for a music festival and fiddler's contest.
Eleven images of a conductor leading a group of young people through playing their instruments together as a band during the summer Music Camp in 1980.
Four images taken in a classroom during the summer Music Camp in 1980.
"Music Camp" Three young women sit together on a bench outside of Inlow Hall. Two of them are playing clarinets, and they have a music stand in front of them with open music sheets on it. The girls appear to be younger than college age. In the…
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