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"7/7/1982" Twelve images of an art class with Professor Ian Gatley. [Continuing Education?] .002 - Ian Gatley (standing at right, pointing). .003-.004 - Ian Gatley (standing, bent at waist). .006 - Ian Gatley (standing, reflection in mirror, back to…
"May 1990 - George Nightingale Gallery re-dedication" [Dedicated in its original location in Hoke Hall, the gallery was re-dedicated when it was moved to the new Loso Hall.] Four images of a group of people posing together with a painting on an…
"6/1986 - Art students" - nine images .005-.006 - [Appears to be:] Ian Gatley (left).
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" An image of artwork being displayed, presumably for sale, on easels out on the grass near Hoke Hall.
"April 22, 1980" Art and Architecture professor, Ian Gatley.
Probably one of the very first elementary classrooms at the training school. [Photo appears in the 1930 EONS Catalog.]
"5/28/1976 - Ian sketching Mark"
Professor Ian Gatley stands at a tall easel and sketches a portrait of photographer, Mark Claesgens who is taking the picture.
"1949-50 Art" This appears to be an arts program for senior citizens that was held on campus. A woman sits in an art classroom next to an open window while she works on a painting of a canyon.
"1948-1949 Ackerman Training School" An Eastern Oregon student in the Education Program supervises children who are painting pictures in an art class. [Photo appears in the 1949 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 81.]
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