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"New Guinea Jungle - our first experience wth real jungle 17th Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Into the Tropic Jungle. On November 16, Hill's squadron boarded the Liberty ship SS John Steinmetz in Milne Bay and sailed north to Dobodura, which…
"Sgt Bob Casey at base of a big tree, surrounded by 'Tarzan' like vines. Within hiking distance of the 17th Recon Sqdn base Camp area" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Sgt Casey in the Jungle. The lowland rain forest around Hill's camp is one of the world's…
"The seemingly Impenetrable Jungle beside the clearing where 17th first base camp was located Excellent example"
"Jungle example of Vines growing up a tree near 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn's first active camp at Dobodura New Guinea"
"example of jungle behind 17th Tact Recon Sqdn 1st 'Permanent' camp site The 'Tarzan' vines are real and you can swing on them."
"Fred Hill at base of jungle trees just beyond 17th Camp at Dobodura, New Guinea"
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