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Dobodura Photo Section


Military life
Military uniforms
Bahr, John
Barrett, Ed
Casey, Bob
Catazone, Pete
DeNunno, Joe
Heyn, Jack
Hill, Fred
Holmberg, Roland
Humphrey, Jim
James, Grover
Kaplan, Hal
Newcomb, George
Paulovitch, John
Reimer, Van
Risdon, Dale
Roy, Earnie
Seely, Leith
Shemilyence, John
Ward, Ken


"The 3rd Attack Group Photo Section crew - including 5 men on loan from the 17th Recon Sqdn Front Row L to R Jack Heyn - Jim Humphrey (Section Chief) - John Shemilyence - Leith Seely - Earnie Roy - Ken Ward - Joe DeNunno - George Newcomb - John Bahr Back Row Van Reimer 17th - Ed Barrett 17th - Grover James - Pete Catazone (sittin high) - Bob Casey 17th - John Paulovitch - Hal Kaplan - Fred Hill 17th (top of stairs) - Roland Holmberg" From "Darkroom Soldier": "3rd Attack Group with 17th Squadron Men. Because photo recon men were in short supply at Dobodura, Hill's entire darkroom unit was split up and farmed out: most were assigned to the 26th Bomb Group
four men and Hill were assigned to the 3rd Attack Group....For almost a month, the combined unit shown here processed aerial images for the December 26 Cape Gloucester landing on New Britain. Later, Hill reported to Martha that '2,000 prints a night was a common schedule. Many times we ate breakfast before going to bed. What a life." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by George Venn)






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