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Five images of #25, the kicker for the EOSC football team practicing his form. .003-.004 - Quinn Coliseum (background).
Ten images of the action during a home football game. xx150 .012 - Background: Zabel Hall (partial, left), Ackerman Elementary School and gymnasium (right). .014 - Background: Ackerman Elementary School gymnasium (partial, left), Inlow Hall (center).…
"October 1979 - Homecoming Game" - Two images of kicking attempts during the 1979 homecoming game. Partial views of Hoke, Inlow, and Hunt Halls are visible in the background.
"November 1978 - Kicker, Tim Delcoff" Thirteen images of football kicker, #35 - Tim Delcoff, practicing with other team members.
"November 1978 - Kicker, Tim Delcoff" - three images
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