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"Assembly of Native leaders all in feather head dresses kneeling - for a group portrait Papua New Guinea Chief participants in big 'Sing Sing' in the area of Dobodura - New Guinea in their tribal finery feather head dresses" From "Darkroom Soldier":…
"Jungle example of Vines growing up a tree near 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn's first active camp at Dobodura New Guinea"
"A local native chief - One of the native chiefs at a big 'Sing Sing' celebration in the Dobodura area of New Guinea." "heat damaged from enlarger that we had at Dobodura Don't know what became of the 5x7 'Solar' enlarger - was not at Finch."…
"The seemingly Impenetrable Jungle beside the clearing where 17th first base camp was located Excellent example"
"A small, smoking volcano crater - Somewhere in the South Pacific Islands - Taken by 17th Photo Gunner enroute home, perhaps from Rabaul" "New Britain, Rabaul, 1943"
"Aerial of the 17th Recon Sqdn's first major camp site at Dobodura Doubtful!"
"A native 'head man' with septer of Authority - Bird beak head dress and abalone shell upper lip" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Jauwa Chief. The spiked headdress was made of birds' beaks and the war club was a scepter of authority. The abalone shell was…
"Participants in a big celebration in the area of Dobodura - All wearing their fineary and feather head dresses 17th Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Jauwa Dancer. To accompany his dancing, the tribesman shook knee, ankle, and wrist rattles made…
"A native participant, wearing bird beak head dress, in a big celebration near Dobodura, Papua New Guinea" 17th Recon"
"Participants at a big native 'Sing Sing' in the Dobodura area"
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