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"1966 - Seasons Greetings from our house to your house, The Bech Family. Your son is a 'doll' but see by reverse side what can happen in years to come - Fun huh?! So glad you two couples have such a nice relationship and hope 1967 holds many good…

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"Native women at a Sing Sing in Honor of Netherlands Queen Wilamina's Birthday - We paid a few Guilders to have these permit us to photograph their faces. Otherwise the women always turned away" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Queen Wilhelmina's Birthday…

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"Dutch New Guinea women waiting while men dance to celebrate the birthday of Netherlands Queen Wilamina"

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"Native village children with bows & arrows"

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"5 native children, some naked at the Village above the Taro garden at Finchhaffen" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Village Children. As Hill wrote to Martha, the Papuan 'women stepped back in the shadows of their huts when they saw us, but the little kids…

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"Sgt Bob Casey and young Native Boy"

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"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item - from a color slide original" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hill frequently documented Papuan tribesmen performing activities which he admired, but due to language and cultural restraints, he…

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"Copy negatives of New Guinea native Women - bare breasted" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Three Coastal Women. Among all New Guinea tribes, tropical heat and humidity required partial nudity in order for anyone to be comfortable. Traditionally, women…

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"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item"

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"A local native chief - One of the native chiefs at a big 'Sing Sing' celebration in the Dobodura area of New Guinea." "heat damaged from enlarger that we had at Dobodura Don't know what became of the 5x7 'Solar' enlarger - was not at Finch."…

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