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"A native participant, wearing bird beak head dress, in a big celebration near Dobodura, Papua New Guinea" 17th Recon"
"Participants in a big celebration in the area of Dobodura - All wearing their fineary and feather head dresses 17th Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Jauwa Dancer. To accompany his dancing, the tribesman shook knee, ankle, and wrist rattles madeā€¦
"Two local citizens in festive dress at a 'Sing Sing' Papua New Guinea feather head dress and drums"
A native, young woman and man, perhaps a couple. "These negatives are not for section use - Sgt. Casey"
Dobodura natives in full regalia, probably at a sing-sing. "These negatives are not for section use - Sgt. Casey"
"Nez Perc(e) Band on horses - Chief Joseph - white, left of center"
"Edith Giltner - Legion Parade"
"Edith Giltner (on the right) - Legion Parade"
"No. 284. Umatilla Indians - Round-Up, Pendleton Or."
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