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"A local native chief - One of the native chiefs at a big 'Sing Sing' celebration in the Dobodura area of New Guinea." "heat damaged from enlarger that we had at Dobodura Don't know what became of the 5x7 'Solar' enlarger - was not at Finch."…
"Assembly of Native leaders all in feather head dresses kneeling - for a group portrait Papua New Guinea Chief participants in big 'Sing Sing' in the area of Dobodura - New Guinea in their tribal finery feather head dresses" From "Darkroom Soldier":…
"Nez Perc(e) Band on horses - Chief Joseph - white, left of center"
"Chief Tall Pine - 1910 - Nez Perce"
"No. 284. Umatilla Indians - Round-Up, Pendleton Or."
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