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"May 1979 - Don Turner" - Head Football Coach
"November 1978 - Barb Sevier, Volleyball Coach (1974-83)"
"Ivan Harshbarger, assistant professor of physical education and head basketball and tennis coach, has his bachelor of science from Bethel College in Newton, Kan., and his master of science from the University of Oregon. He had a fine first year at…
Head football coach, Bob Quinn (right) stands out on the football field with an unidentified young man. [Bob Quinn, Jr.?]
"1989 - Football" Head football coach, Orson Christensen.
"November 1978 - Football Team" This is a team photo taken on the wood bleachers. Wearing white shirts, the coaching staff is in the back row. From left to right, they are: Bob Warsaw, Mike Croven, Vince Zarkovich [or Zarchovich], Mark Moberg, Head…
"October 14, 1978 - Mountie Homecoming vs. Eastern Washington (40-0). Coaches Sideline - Near: Coach Don Turner
"October 14, 1978 - Mountie Homecoming vs. Eastern Washington (40-0). Coach Don Turner"
"October 1979 - Homecoming Game - Don Turner, Coach - Mike Hale, Team Captain"
"1992 - Scott Helmick, #12 [left], Orson Christensen [right]"
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