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This is a tiny, informal, outdoor, portrait of Head Football Coach, Roy Tatum. He is wearing uniform pants, a t-shirt with "EOC" on it, and a whistle around his neck. Players are visible practicing in the background.

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Small photo. Eastern Head Football Coach, Roy Tatum, is bent at the waist as he goes over plays with three of the members on his team. One of them is holding a book, and they are all wearing helmets and practice uniforms.

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Wearing their light colored pants rolled up to the shins, the two football coaches pose together outdoors. The unidentified man on the left is holding out a football in his right hand which they're both looking at, and Head Coach Roy Tatum has a…

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Wearing uniform pants, and whistles around their necks, the two football coaches pose together outdoors. The man on the left is also wearing an "Eastern Oregon" satin, sports jacket and is unidentified. The man on the right is Head Football Coach,…

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Wearing satin warm-up jackets, the ten members of "EOC's" basketball team pose together in two rows, with the front row kneeling, and the back row standing. Coach Roy Tatum is standing at the back left wearing a dark colored shirt and light colored…

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"Ivan Harshbarger, assistant professor of physical education and head basketball and tennis coach, has his bachelor of science from Bethel College in Newton, Kan., and his master of science from the University of Oregon. He had a fine first year at…

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