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"September 22, 1990 - Oregon Tech" Head coach, Orson Christensen (right edge, in profile) coaches the team in a game against Oregon Tech.
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Two images of assistant football coach, Tim Standley [or Standlee].
"10/27/1990 - Football vs. Western Oregon" Five images of coaches watching from the sidelines and going over plays during the game with Western Oregon. .001 & .010 - Shawn Perkins (kneeling with whiteboard), Savali Vaeao (white shirt, in profile).…
"1988" Four images of Annette Williams working at her desk.
"10/1984" Four images of sports reporters, coaches, and stats keepers following the game. .016-.018 - From left to right: Howard Fetz (2nd).
"2/23/1982 - Ginger Noland, switchboard operator" - ten images
"October 1976"
Music professor, James (Jim) Robertson is probably following along between what he is listening to over a set of headphones and the sheet music he is reading. There is a reel-to-reel audio player on the bookshelves behind him.
"October 1975"
Music professor, James (Jim) Robertson works in a sound booth recording or broadcasting a radio show.
"1958 Dramatics" A young man and woman work in the theater's sound room. [Photo appears in the 1959 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 84]
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