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"Sumpter, Oregon - September 24, 1900 - View of Granite St. looking east - Board Street [made of wood planks] was built in 1900 - Eight horse team pulling wagon. Transferring armature to Fremont Power Co. Olive Lake from Sumpter."
"Chapter VI [No source is named for this chapter reference.] - The Island City mill, built in 1871 by Caviness and Sterling, was the beginning of the town of Island City. Later Pioneer Flouring Mill Company took control of the milling business in…
"Island City, Oregon - Pioneer Flouring Mill Co. - circa 1910. Originally, Island City Mercantile & Milling Co., until 1896 when the milling interests were sold."
"Mayflower Mine [Lane County]. Minersville Gold Mining and Milling Co. - circa 1901-1903. One of the miners is standing in the snow while leaning on a shovel at the tunnel entrance."
"1846. [Judging by the condition of the photograph and the structure of the mill and surrounding buildings, this appears to be a photograph identification #, not a year reference.] Algoma Lumber Co. mill near Algoma, Ore."
"George Palmer Lumber Company Mill fire, La Grande, Oregon - July 27, 1913 - Buildings and structures in silhouette to areas that have been hand-tinted a reddish color."
"Sumpter Smelters of the O. S. and R. Co. [Oregon Smelting and Refining Co.] - Sumpter, Ore. - circa 1901-1903"
"Mammoth G. M. Co.'s Mines and Mill - Mar. 23, 1901 - Baker County, Cracker Creek District"
"Sled Springs area - East Oregon Lumber Company's Heisler engine no. 2 being loaded with logs - circa 1920."
"[Cracker Summit Group of Mines - Bourne, Oregon] - circa 1901-1903. Shows the locations of the Victor mine and the Cracker Oregon Gold Mill. The E [Eureka] and E [Excelsior] Mines and Mills is identified in the background." [In a previous record,…
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